Enabling all whānau to flourish.

E tipu matomato ai ngā whānau o te Tairāwhiti.
All Tairāwhiti whānau are flourishing


Devolution Roadmap

What’s the big idea?

Improving social wellbeing in Te Tairāwhiti through social services devolution to iwi.

We are asking the Social Wellbeing Board to be bold and to act on commitments
past and present to a significantly more devolved delivery of social services in Te
Tairāwhiti. Evidence supports the change and risks can be mitigated. The first step is
to resource the co-design of four feasibility studies to create the detailed plan of how
devolution would work in child wellbeing, Whānau Ora, housing, and the Tairāwhiti
Social Development Leadership Board. If we take these steps, intergenerational harm
and persistent disadvantage could be transformed into intergenerational mauri ora.

The full document is available here.

Media Enquiries

Leslynne Jackson

Lead, Manaaki Tairāwhiti
Cellphone: 022 436 6770