Enabling all whānau to flourish.

E tipu matomato ai ngā whānau o te Tairāwhiti.
All Tairāwhiti whānau are flourishing


Manaaki Navigators help whānau to navigate current systems whilst collecting information that is used to identify opportunities to improve the way that systems work for whānau.
  • Navigators deliver support to whānau and help them access services from other parts of the system
  • Navigators collect data around systems performance from a whānau perspective
  • Coaches synthesise insights across data collected
  • Coaches report insights and opportunities to operational leaders and governance
  • Operational leadership undertake further analysis of system barriers
  • Agencies use data to test and learn how to improve systems for whānau

Manaaki Navigators work with whanau in a flexible, whānau-led way supporting them to meet their needs and goals. Navigators deliver support and pull for support from agencies, organisations and communities. As navigators pull for support, they document how systems are working for whānau and any barriers they encounter.