Enabling all whānau to flourish.

E tipu matomato ai ngā whānau o te Tairāwhiti.
All Tairāwhiti whānau are flourishing

What we do

We play a significant role as the social wellbeing point of contact for the region and the conduit for approaches by various agencies and organisations who present issues and opportunities for the region in the social services sector. See our strategic plan for more details.

We work together with all those who impact the social sector in Tairāwhiti to find and test new ways of social service delivery to improve whānau outcomes.

Our Way of Working is focused on whānau oranga and is streamlined and cohesive. We are solution focused and action orientated and will not let barriers get in the way of securing outcomes. We use a shared method to generate insights across our programme and so we can share and embed our learnings.

In the past, social service delivery has mostly been top-down with policies and programmes decided at a national level. Often they do not meet the specific needs of Tairāwhiti whānau and many are unable to get the help they need and unable to flourish as a result.